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Mastering Abundance by Ascended Master Abundantia™

View course €149

Original Reiki Healing System

Possible the easiest healing system to learn! The Original Reiki system (founded in 2013) is a result of over 2 decades of teaching, experience and my visit to Mount Kurama.
View course €179

Rejuvenation Reiki from Venus

Enhance Inner & Outer Beauty!
View course €149

Angels of Rejuvenation

View course €129

Path to Rejuvenation

Access knowledge that can transform the way you view rejuvenation & aging!
View course €98

Feline Reiki

View course €149

Manifestation Course From Mother Earth

View course €149

Life Mission System By Archangels Raziel & Chamuel™

View course €149

Astro Healing System

Healing the physical body with the 10 Planets!
View course €78

6 Archangels' Sigils

View course €33

15 Gemstone Essences Attunements

Amethyst • Azurite • Carnelian • Citrine • Emerald • Lepidolite • Moonstone • Morganite • Red Jasper • Rhodonite • Rose Quartz • Sodalite • Strawberry Quartz • Sunstone • Unakite
View course €44

Essence of Manifestation

Creating your life by design!
View course €47

Sunstone & Moonstone Essence

2 Attunements for Vitality & Self-Love
View course €7

Archangel Hanael

Angel of Love!
View course €4

Lepidolite Essence

Calming & Soothing Energy.
View course €4

Golden Ruby Ring from Archangel Gabriel

For Manifestation & Reaching  Goals.
View course €4

Butterfly of Palea

Clearing the mind & protection from negative thoughtforms!
View course €4

Sapphire Essence Attunement

Enhancing communication, self expression and the vision of one’s life work/mission.
View course €4

7 Energy Music Videos From my Youtube Channel

Angel of Rejuvenation • Archangel Sachiel • Archangel Hanael • Solar Angels • Muscovite Mica • Water Element • Archangel Hanael
View product €17

Morganite Essence

Morganite Essence
View course Free

Emerald Essence

It has a great balancing effect and is especially suited for healing all issues related to the heart chakra and the eyes.
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Archangel Michael's Magenta Flower

View course Free

Archangel Gabriel's White portal

View course Free

Miraculous Door from Archangel Michael Attunement

View course Free

Strawberry Quartz Essence Attunement

View course Free

Astara Attunement

View course Free

Goddess Eir's Ring

Activate the Third Eye Chakra
View course Free

White Light Attunement

Protection & Purification
View course Free

Crown of God Jupiter (Zeus)

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The necessary disclaimer: We do not claim that any attunements or systems we offer can heal or cure anything. Everything on this page is for entertainment purposes only. If you feel ill you should always consult a doctor.