Astara Attunement by Ole Gabrielsen

Astara Attunement

New Beginnings & Joyful Life
Channeled message from Astara: "I came to teach you how to make new beginnings and how to start something new! How to be courageous enough and how to find the strength. How to learn from the past and not to stay in the past.

I want you to know that every new beginning might seem difficult at first. But trust me, every new beginning is a new life! Whatever you do, you are "reborn" millions of times in your life. Every new decision is rebirth. Trust in that! You will feel so much lighter, brighter and without any obligations to anyone in that way. You will feel completely relaxed. Just go forward, move. Do not be stagnant. Just do something. 

When you feel stagnant and you do not feel satisfied with your current situation, do something, any activity. It doesn’t need to be something big, just do something new. Something that you always wanted, something that you didn’t dare to do before. Especially the things you didn’t dare. Do that! You will feel so much more full of energy. That is my wish, to tell you how powerful new beginnings are. And how powerful it is to be renewed and reborn. 

I know it is Autumn now and the energy is going to a bit stagnant, but that is why I show up at this time of the year! To wake you up, to wake up others. To go, to move. 

Do not be afraid to take a step to where no one has ever been. That’s courageous, amazing, potent and brave! It is who you truly are by nature! 

It is in human nature to co-create. You will feel much different. Trust me! Try, just try with a little step. Try, change, move. Just do not be stagnant. Because life is constantly moving, day and night. You feel a difference every single day. And every day when there is sunlight, you have new opportunities for new adventures! Every day you have a new life. Always remember that."

Includes a manual.