Spiritual Hygiene

I know that all my manuals have this info, but I wanted to bring up this subject in this workshop as well.

In the beginning of my healing career I had a clinic, where I received people for healing. I had very nice results, but after the day I would always feel drained and sometimes get headache. That is because I was still spiritually connected to my clients and they were still receiving energy from me, even though they had left my clinique. All this became better when I began disconnecting and ground after each client.

Here are few tips for a better spiritual hygiene:


When performing a healing session, you connect to the person you are sending healing to. Cutting the etheric threads that are created is important. If you do not do this, staying connected to that person is possible. This could result in the draining of your energy.

All you have to do when finished with the healing is to make a fast “karate chop” in front of you, while saying something like “Cut all threads!” Do this one to three times. Often after doing this, you will most likely feel a relief.


After cutting threads, it’s good to do a grounding exercise. If you have outside access, stand on the ground bare feet and mentally say, “I now ground!” Stand for two to five minutes. If you do not have access to the ground or it’s just too cold, just imagine that you are standing on the ground.

This is an important exercise to do to balance yourself after a healing session, because if you have accumulated too much energy in your body, it could result in a headache. If you have too little energy, it could result in tiredness. Grounding will either relieve you from being overenergized or give you new energy.

Cleansing rooms with a clear quartz crystal point

1. Stand in one side/corner of the room. Move the crystal with up-and-down motions like you where painting the air in the room. (The crystal should not be rotated). Make sure the whole room is ”painted”.

2. When you feel done (usually after 1-2 minutes) proceed to the next room. Repeat step 1.

Further you could cleanse and charge 1 or several tumbled rose quartz and place in each room.

Cleansing and charging a Rose Quartz

1. Take a stone and crystal point in each hand.

2. Use the quartz point and move it up and down (like the movement of a pendulum) above the tumbled stone for 1⁄2-1 minute. If you are sensitive to energy you will notice that suddenly you get a lighter feeling...or like an ”ahhh” feeling. This means that the stone releases stagnant energy.

3. After this cleansing step, it's time to charge the stone. Now rotate the quartz point above the tumbled stone clockwise for approximately 20 rounds (the speed could be 3 rounds per second). This will charge up the stone.

4. The stone is now ready to use!

You will notice that once a stone has been energetically cleansed and charged this way, it will be much easier to clean in the future. The energy of the stone is also able to keep 'fresh and pure' for a longer period of time before it needs cleansing again.

Neutralizing an Attunement

From time to time, I have had people emailing me, asking if it is possible to undo an attunement. It might be that they have received an attunement from a teacher and they have had negative experiences in that process which continues to bother them.

It's very easy do undo an attunement. You can just say the following once:

“The (attunement name) will now be neutralized and will work no more.”

This usually does the trick almost immediately.

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