Working with the planets

You do not need to know anything about astrology and planets to use this healing system.

Simply refer to the cheet sheet and use the energy/energies connected to the issue of concern. 

If the issue is not listed here, try do a search online to find the corresponding planet/s for that specific issue.

If you know astrology, you can use the knowldge of a persons birth chart, to "cancel out" many negative aspects in the chart. Also you can further enhance the positive aspects!

In a birth chart you can also see how much of each of the 4 elements that is present at the birth of the person.

Example I am a Leo and I have several planets in Leo (lot of Fire), but I lack the water element in my chart.

So if I had myself as a client, I would know from my list, that the Neptune energy would be perfect for me! Also because I am Virgo in Ascendant and Pisces (ruled by Neptune) is in the opposite.

So I would recommend to become attuned to the Planet Neptune.

The advantage of prescribing an attunement over a healing session with that same energy is, that the person can work with that energy over time!

Receiving an attunement is a healing in itself. Further telling the client about how to work with that energy, will be of great help. Example like demonstrating how to start the energy flow etc. I use this a lot with my own clients.

I would definitely also add the Water Element attunement (check out my 4 Elements workshop).

I would tell myself, to work with the Water Element, as that element is very beneficial to me. I should try to incoporate that element more into my life.

I would of course also use my intuition to add anything that would be benefitial to me in that moment.

Fortunately I can add, that my wife actually have Pisces (Ruled by Neptune) in Ascendant and I already live near water! ☺

Astro Healing System

Healing the physical body with the 10 Planets!

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