Breaking the curse of mortality

Immortality is a state of being and therefore a state of mind. It simply means that your cells are rejuvenating faster than they die. It does though not mean, that you are actually going to live in your physical body forever.

The thought of mortality was programmed into the consciousness of the human race a long time ago. It was done by negative species, who wanted to control Earth for selfish reasons. Human beings worked merely as worker drones, example to mine precious minerals or to serve in other ways.

The programming works like a curse that is placed around the pituitary gland. From here it slowly drains the life force from the gland and it is slowly exhausted. Thereby the natural production of human growth hormone.

The removing of this program, is a big step forward for the human race, to take back the control and charge of planet Earth from the dark forces, that has ruled here for eons. It is a step forward in human evolution. 

As humans get longer life spans, they are able to get a larger life perspective. Learning and gaining more a lot faster, as we are not bound to die after only 80 or 90 years and then to be reborn and then to pick up where we left off last time. It's a necessary step in order to advance spiritually in a faster rate, than before.

Life is short with a curse of mortality and the consciousness of aging as a natural process of life. Release it and receive the freedom you were always meant to have. The freedom to evolve in your own pace, not interrupted by physical death.

How to remove the program:

1. Find a relaxed space and ask God and your higher self for protection and help in the process.

2. Direct your attention to your higher self above your head. Mentally ask your higher self to release and heal you from the program of mortality. Keep your attention on your higher self and the progress for 20-30 minutes. It might be a little painful or uncomfortable, but just allow the process to unfold.

3. When the process is done, affirm mentally or loud a few times: “I accept immortality in my mind, body, and spirit!” This will replace the space, where the old negative pattern was located inside your head.

After you have done the removal procedure, you might feel a relief inside your head and energy might adjust in that area. You might begin feeling lighter and even have a brighter view of life.

Removing the program is a larger spiritual procedure, like lifting a heavy stone from your shoulders. Because of that, it will take some time to recover and rejuvenate that area again. Remember it has been with you all your life, so it has always been a part of who you are.

You can repeat this procedure for as many times as you like until you feel completely free from this programming.

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