Archangel Michael's Magenta Flower by Ole Gabrielsen

Archangel Michael's Magenta Flower

Self Love & Life's Mission
This gift comes from Archangel Michael. It is very soothing energy, connected to the heart chakra. It helps us embrace ourselves and open up to ourselves. You can perform the healing with this energy on others, but the best is to use it on ourselves. 

When working with this energy, you might receive some messages from the spirit, about yourself, about your inner being, what your path and mission might be about. The energy itself doesn’t “promise” that you will get that information; it depends on how open you are. But it creates wonderful, positive atmosphere to receive those answers in some form. It is soothing and very warm energy, connected to your heart chakra. Using it, you are going to love yourself more, open up more to your inner being. In a way, “Magenta Flower” may be called your “personal friend” energy. 

To use, start the energy flow, feel the energy of “Magenta Flower”, and put your hands on your heart chakra for 15 to 30 minutes.

Includes a manual.