Original Reiki Healing System by Ole Gabrielsen

Original Reiki Healing System

Complete Reiki Master Teacher Course
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Possible the easiest healing system to learn!

The Original Reiki system (founded in 2013) is a result of over 2 decades of teaching, experience and my visit to Mount Kurama.

Reiki means “Universal life energy” and was re-discovered by the Japanese monk Mikao Usui.

You can have access to the Reiki energy via “attunement”. During attunement, different energy centres (Chakras) and energy channels are opened/strengthened. This way you can have access to this energy and channel it through your hands. You can then “switch on” the energy, just by intention. Reiki can also be used on animals, plants, water etc.

The Original Reiki system is as close as possible to what Usui worked with BEFORE different things where added to it. Example like predefined hand positions, specific meditation practices and eventually the Dai Ko Myo symbol. So this system is not Usui Reiki.

The essence of the Original Reiki system is the Reiki energy itself. Another important aspect are the 3 symbols, traditionally taught in Reiki 2.

The Original Reiki system consist of 3 levels, with the total of 4 attunements. Reiki 1 and 2 have 1 attunement each and Reiki 3 (Master Teacher) has 2 attunements (referred to as 3a and 3b).

Q: Are Usui Reiki and your Original Reiki system the same?

 A: Even though the system outline is inspired by Usui and has the same symbols and stages of initiation, it is not the same. Usui received Reiki from its original source and passed this on to his students.

The energy in the Original Reiki system also comes directly from the Reiki’s original source, thereby bypassing Usui, and therefore, it was named Original Reiki.

Includes a beautiful certificate of completion.


"...I love the gentle, warm energy of Reiki and will put it to good use in the future.”
"...The energy is marvelous. Thank you again!..."
...A W E S O M E !!! So fine and pure and strong..."
"...Original Reiki is magical..."
"...Now I see the difference between Usui Reiki Shiki Ryoho and your system. This is PURE REIKI! It's great! I feel that the Original Reiki energy is more powerful and higher in vibrations than Usui Shiki Ryoho. Thank you very-very much again and again!..."
"...Wow! A Really Beautiful Energy!!..."
"...Thank you Ole that was an amazing session [Original Reiki 1]. As soon as I said reiki it was like someone poured cool refreshing water on my heart chakra..."
 "...Thank-you for my 1st orginal Reiki Attunement. I had a feeling of true happiness. I have been feeling more calm and peaceful. I love the simplicity of the way you teach Reiki. I have taken Reiki 1-3 through other reiki masters and haven't felt the way I do today..."
"...Dear Ole, Thank you again. The energy was beautiful, I felt the increased flow of energy - this time, I felt it equally in both my right and my left hands..."
"...I find find myself very facinated by this technique of Reiki. So much simplicity yet very powerful..."
"...The Original Reiki is the best energy I ever had. I love it!..."
 "...Dear Ole, thank you very much, very nice energy..."
"...Love, love, love it!! Thank you so much! The energy is amazing. It felt more intense and pure than when I do Usui reiki. I'm hooked and would be honored to work with you through the 3 levels :)..."
"...I am really really enjoying the energy, the flow is really much stronger and the energy is really lovely. I am using it every night and sending treatments with much joy, more than before as I really feel the energy working even in cases where it could be difficult before these attunements (for example, my mother wishes Reiki treatments, but I never managed to feel that the energy really reached her, now I do feel it working, I was amazed :-)). I love this energy (also, I am learning to use the symbols differently and it is really funny/interesting) Thank you for the energy Ole…”
Thanks for this Reiki course. It was great!
 "...Dear Ole, thank you for the attunements - what a wonderful energy! So full of warmth, caring and love..."
 “...These last nights I have done all my treatments with the Original Reiki 1 and 2 and they are just awesome, I can feel blockages faling down and new doors opening, generally speaking I feel much more free. Also I have been sending distant treatments to my loved ones (as I used to do before the Original Reiki attunements) and they felt the difference too, distant treatments seem to be much faster and effective, Thank you Ole, I love the Original Reiki system…”
I am really enjoying the Original Reiki energy. It feels more pure and stronger and flows faster than Usui Reiki.
Oh what a gift! I have finished the Attunement to level 3 of the Original Reiki last night - fell asleep like a rock haha- and waww it is so powerful and I feel a completely different kind of cleanse and empowerment with it. I was initially attuned to the Traditional Usui Reiki Master level in Hong Kong and I can tell you that, in my experience your Original Reiki works faster and deeper...it feels like a deep merging with purity and love! What a warmth! What a blessing ✨✨ thank you, thank you 😌😌