Path to Rejuvenation by Ole Gabrielsen

Path to Rejuvenation

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In this highly controversial course, I will be sharing:
• How time, when observed and acknowledged as an illusion, 
can reverse aging!
• How to break out of the human consciousness, 
where the concept of ageing is stored!
• How to break the “curse of mortality” - a literal curse, 
that was put on humanity eons ago, to enslave the human race!
• An energy activation, that will help to clear and strengthen your Hara chakra and Etheric body! A strong Etheric energy field is one of the secrets, to rejuvenating the physical body!
• A powerful energy activation to strengthen and enhance the Universal Life Force intake into the physical body!
and more!

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The course has 4 modules and is delivered over 16 days, with about 5 days in between each module.


"...Breaking the curse of mortality lasted over an hour and it felt as if someone was pulling a batch of tar out on my body. It was difficult to pull it out and after some time I felt a strong jerk and my body shortly lifted above the mattress. I saw a light above me, a kind of light blue, mixed with white. Maybe I was asleep but I woke up suddenly because I had to pick up my grandson from school. It was incredible, I have to repeat it again! Activating Muscovite Mica and Gold Reiki was also incredible! I was placing a Mica energized Rose Quartz near the shower faucet, the skin feels more smooth and soft. Washing hands in the sink also makes the water softer and soap foam more!..."
"...Path to rejuvenation is amazing so far and I’m only on 2 module - thank you so much.."

What's included?

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Module 1 - Upgrading Your Lifeforce
Hara Chakra & Etheric body Activations
Module 1 pt. 2 - Hara Chakra & Etheric body Activation
Your activation!
Module 1 pt. 3 - Universal Life Force Activation
Universal Life force Activation
Module 2 - Muscovite Mica & Gold Energy Activations
2 Rejuvenation Energy Activations
Muscovite Mica Activation
Muscovite Mica Manual
Gold Energy Activation
Gold Energy Manual
Module 3 - Going Beyond Time
Breaking the curse of mortality
The Illusion of Time & Ageing - Breaking Free
Immortals Among Us: "Our Immortality - We Don't Age"
Module 4 - Breaking Out Of Human Consciousness
Stopping Time = Stopping Ageing
Breaking Out Of Human Consciousness
Wrap up